Rebecca Pilsing

Small Wonders Director


Work: (573) 624-3688 Ext. 112

Fax: (573) 624-4307

small wonders

Small Wonders is interested in young children, their families and our Dexter community. Through our program, we hope to meet some of the needs of the children in our care.


Remembering the uniqueness of each preschooler and his/her individual rate of growth we will strive to:

  1. Facilitate the development of an image of self as a unique and competent person.
  2. Provide opportunities for the church, school, and home to work together in meeting the needs of the child.
  3. Provide a group situation in which the child can grow physically, socially, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.


Enrollment Fee *non-refundable - $30.00

Yearly Supply Fee - $30.00

Daily Rate- All spots are full time - $21.00

Late Pickup Fee *after 5:15pm - $20.00